A new generation of student leaders is being assisted in developing and honing their skills at public speaking and campaigning by SIPTU College.


In recent weeks, a training day was held for Union of Students in Ireland (USI) leaders, from across the country, in collaboration with SIPTU College and the SIPTU Education Sector at the USI offices in Dublin.

Among those who addressed the student leaders were SIPTU Education Sector Organiser, Karl Byrne, SIPTU College Learning Co-ordinator Dan O’Neill and USI President Chris Clifford.

Dan O’Neill, said: “We focused on designing impactful campaign strategies and how to negotiate for positive outcomes. The union’s work with these student leaders aligns with our stated objective of arming young workers with the skills necessary for creating meaningful change.

“The participants displayed passion and enthusiasm for learning from the SIPTU experience in campaigning and workplace representation.”

The meeting is part of a wider collaboration between USI and SIPTU which is part of a strategic agreement signed by USI President Chris Clifford and SIPTU General Secretary Joe Cunningham.

The agreement outlines the importance of strategic meetings between representatives from both organisations and agreeing joint initiatives.

It also provides USI with access to some SIPTU resources and support. This includes support for USI members from the SIPTU Workers Rights Centre and opportunities for USI officers to access training programmes offered by SIPTU College. SIPTU membership benefits, such as car insurance and discounts, have also been extended to USI members.

Dan added: “A key aspect of the collaboration involves an annual ‘Rights at Work’ campaign, run by USI. This campaign features co- branded materials and information, reflecting the shared commitment of the two organisations to advocating for workers’ rights.”

Pictured: USI leaders at the training day with SIPTU College Learning Co-ordinator Dan O’Neill (right).