SIPTU members in Uisce Éireann have secured a two-year pay deal covering the period from 1st January 2024 until 31st December 2025 following protracted discussions between the Group of Unions and management.

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Willie Noone, said: “SIPTU was anxious to ensure that the best financial return to our membership was achieved, through the matrix of the quite complex  pay model in operation in Uisce Éireann. The pay model takes account of an individual’s performance during the year and their current position in the pay band structure plays a part in deciding the percentage increase that each worker will get.   

“However, the agreement delivers more in pay to our members in Uisce Éireann than the terms of the Public Service Pay Agreement during the same timeframe.”

The pay agreement included the provision to adjust pay as follows:

From the 1st January 2024 apply a 4% increase in the pay model.

From the 1st January 2025 apply a 3.7% increase in the pay model.  

Noone added: “It was the view of the Union that a two-year period for a pay agreement was the optimum period as it gives certainty and visibility for that time. The Union also ensured that the agreement stated that a market refresh, benchmarking pay with those employed in other enterprises with similar roles, would be done in 2024 and 2025.

“The market refresh has resulted in increases to the salary range from 4.76% for those in band B and F to 8.38% for those in band G.

Other bands would be increased between 5.40% and 6.87%. The band refresh will be applied from 1st  January 2024 and again any increases from a market refresh next year will apply from 1st January 2025.

These market refreshes may further improve the lower and mid-range members’ pay dependant on their position in the bands.”