We're stronger together

Everyone wants to feel respected, valued and listened to.

But in workplaces across Ireland today, too many of us feel disrespected, talked down to or ignored.

It’s time to change that – it’s time to unionise.

The average person spends a third of their life at work, but it can often seem that we have less power over our working lives with each passing year.

Employers hold the upper hand and it’s only when workers come together that they can achieve change.

That’s why people form unions. Unions provide workers with three key tools in the workplace: information, representation and strength in numbers.

A union at work can ensure that:

  • You have a say in the issues that matter in your daily life.
  • You never have to go alone to a grievance or a disciplinary meeting with management.
  • You never again have to negotiate pay and conditions on your own.

By negotiating collectively on pay, hours, rosters, overtime, holidays, leave, health and safety, dignity and respect, union members ensure they get a better deal.

Being union means being part of something bigger. Being union means you’re not on your own.