Mandate and SIPTU trade unions have today (Wednesday, 9th September) agreed to negotiations with the owner of Boyers department store on Talbot Street, Dublin, on the orderly wind down of the company. Mandate Official, Jonathan Hogan, said: “The closure of the store is devastating news for the workforce. However, we welcome the commitment from the employer to sit down with the workers’ unions to negotiate not only adequate redundancy terms but also, where possible, the redeployment of staff. “We intend to commence these negotiations as soon as possible with the aim of securing terms agreeable for both directly employed staff and those union members working for concession holders prior to the agreed closure date of the business on 31st January, 2016.” SIPTU Services Division Organiser, Ethel Buckley, said: “The decision to close the company is a massive blow to its loyal workforce and the retail sector in the north inner city of Dublin which is still reeling from the sudden closure of Clerys in June." She added: “However, the acceptance by the owner of the business, Noel Smyth, that the Boyers direct employees, workers for concession holders and contractors must be treated with respect is in stark contrast to the treatment of the Clerys workers. The coming weeks of negotiations will be difficult but we intend to ensure that an adequate agreement which suitably rewards the years of service of the Boyers workforce is agreed. "Unions are always willing to work with employers in good faith even in unfortunate circumstances such as this. Employers should also be aware that when they fail to treat our members in a proper manner we will also relentlessly campaign until they are forced to do so.” Approximately 100 workers, both directly employed and those working for concession holders are affected by the closure of Boyers.