The Trade Union Federation (TUF) and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), today (Tuesday, 5th January) have jointly called on employers and workers in the sector to intensify their efforts to prevent Covid-19 infections on building sites. SIPTU Construction Sector Organiser, John Regan said: “Employers and union members in the industry have committed to continuing to closely collaborate on preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections. Collectively, to date, employers and workers in the construction sector have kept the incidence of Covid-19 cases on sites to negligible levels. The reported rate of infections within the workforce is currently as low as 0.003% to 0.035%. To further protect our workforces and wider community the Return to Work Safety Protocol agreed between the unions and CIF last year has been updated.”  Connect Assistant General Secretary, Brian Nolan said: “It is essential that employers and workers do not let their guard down and redouble efforts to prevent the importation of Covid-19 onto sites in the coming weeks. The parties have agreed that continued strict adherence to the TUF/CIF Safety Protocol Document, Government Guidelines and the CIF Standard Operating Procedures will help in preventing incidents in the industry.” Deputy General Secretary of BATU, Andy Smith said: “Our aim is to ensure strict adherence to the agreed proposals in order to protect the health and livelihoods of all construction workers and their families.”