Members of the US fast-food workers’ movement ‘Fight for $15’will address a public meeting in Wynn’s Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin 1, on Wednesday, 11th March at 6.00 p.m. The meeting, organised by the Young Workers’ Network (YWN), will discuss the struggle in the US and Ireland against low pay and zero hour contracts.Change to Win's Strategic Organizing Center Executive Director, Tom Woodruff, is part of the 'Fight for $15' delegation. He said: "Irish-American workers were among the first activists in the early struggle for workers rights in America. It's a real privilege to travel to Dublin with American fast-food workers, who are leading today's fight for better pay and rights on the job."YWN member, Ciaran Garrett, said: ''It is fantastic to have the 'Fight for $15' movement in Ireland to share their experiences on campaigning to tackle poverty wages for fast food workers. The campaigners are here at a time when strong efforts are being made by the labour movement to introduce a living wage for workers and end zero hours contracts.”He added: “The Fight for $15 movement shows workers in Ireland what can be achieved when workers stand together for better working conditions.''The 'Fight for $15' campaign began in November, 2012, when fast-food workers in New York City went on strike for a living wage of $15 an hour, better working conditions and the right to form a union without retaliation from their managers. Since then similar protests have been staged in other countries including Brazil, the UK and Japan.The Young Workers’ Network is an initiative supported by SIPTU for all people under 35 years of age with an interest in defending and developing workers’ rights.