Workers employed at three institutions run by the Sisters of Charity highlighted their demand for management to meet them and negotiate the payment of a fair redundancy package, in a protest outside St Monica’s Nursing Home on Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, this afternoon (Wednesday, 19th August). SIPTU Organiser, Brian Condra, said: “After a week of intense campaigning by our members, the message is finally getting through to management. The Sisters of Charity have written to union representatives confirming that they will write to the Charities Regulator in order to examine ways they can alleviate the hardship on our members which resulted from  the sudden closure of the Caritas Convalescent Centre, St. Mary’s Centre Telford and St. Monica’s Nursing Home in Dublin. “Union representatives have proposed that all parties meet for exploratory talks in advance of the Sisters of Charity receiving a response from the Charities Regulator.”  INMO Assistant Director of Industrial Relations, Lorraine Monaghan, said: “The Sisters of Charity have a moral obligation to pay the staff at these institutions a fair redundancy package in recognition of their years of dedicated service. During these years they provided the highest standard of care to residents and patients.  “The Labour Court has also identified that the HSE has a part to play in paying a fair redundancy package to the staff. All three facilities have received significant funding from the HSE over the years to deliver vital services to the public on behalf of the State. In order to move this forward, the Sisters of Charity and the HSE must come to the table to agree the payment to these staff the full redundancy terms recommended by the Labour Court.” Fórsa Assistant General Secretary, Seán McElhinney, said: “Our members welcome the indication that the Sisters of Charity is scoping-out the feasibility of releasing funds to compensate them for the loss of their jobs.” He added: “The HSE has also been named in the Labour Court recommendation. They, too, should be paying attention to our protest. Our members are calling time on an apparent HSE avoidance strategy. We are committed to bringing the HSE to the table. They must play their part in implementing the recommendation of the Court.”