The SIPTU Workers Rights Centre (WRC) provides information, advice and representation to SIPTU members who find themselves in individual disputes with their employers. The number of meetings involving WRC advocates directly meeting with workers increased by over 20% during 2014. Formerly known as the SIPTU Membership Information and Support Centre (MISC), the WRC recovered €3.9m in settlements and decisions for workers during 2014. During 2014, WRC Advocates conducted 5,631 meetings with workers. The WRC dealt with 4,213 cases bringing 650 to Rights Commissioner Hearings. The WRC is the single biggest user of the State’s employment rights bodies. Since it began operation as MISC in 2010 it has opened 20,700 cases on behalf of workers.In May 2015, MISC was renamed the Workers Rights Centre as part of a major process of reorganisation and expansion of its services. The Centre includes 25 legally trained WRC Advocates and support staff.To find out more about how the WRC can assist you with an individual case in the workplace click here.