‘Yes Equality’ took to the road on Wednesday (22nd April) with the launch of its nationwide bus tour that will cover 66 locations in 26 counties over 27 days. The ‘Yes Equality’ bus was unveiled at Dublin City Hall by a team of ‘Yes Equality’ campaigners and canvassers. The well-wishers included mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers who queued to get on the bus, symbolising the significance of the tour which carries the hope for equality for all their children and grandchildren. The ‘Yes Equality’ bus is bringing the case for a Yes vote to town squares across the country. National and local celebrities will be joining the tour at different locations. ‘Yes Equality’ spokesperson, Gráinne Healy, said: “The cornerstone of our campaign is to engage in conversations with the voting public about the importance of voting Yes for marriage equality. “With a month to go before polling day, the ‘Yes Equality’ bus will take these conversations to every county. Working with local ‘Yes Equality’ groups, of which there are 45 across Ireland, we look forward to making the case for a Yes vote to the men and women of Ireland. A vital part of the tour is to address any questions the public may have in advance of the referendum on 22 May.”