A major gathering of young people to discuss how to combat unemployment, forced emigration and the other crises affecting their generation will be held in Liberty Hall on Saturday, 9th November, starting at 12.00 p.m. The event, which is being hosted by the SIPTU supported Young Workers’ Network, is open to all people under 35 years of age. Organised by campaign group We're Not Leaving the assembly is supported by a broad coalition of youth organisations including ICTU Youth, the Union of Students in Ireland and SpunOut. Young Workers’ Network member, Laura McKenna, said: “Young people need to organise in order to confront the particular pressures facing our generation. Without its young people Ireland has no future. This is a message that needs to be delivered to those who are implementing policies which are reducing young people’s life chances and forcing many to leave the country.” The event will include discussion on future campaigns concerning the need for decent work for young people, ending forced emigration, cuts to support for those in education and the reduction in mental health services. Rónán Burtenshaw, of the youth campaign group We’re Not Leaving, said: “This is our country and our future, young people need to start organising to take control of our own destinies. It has become increasingly clear that the Irish establishment has little interest in assisting the majority of young people in building a decent future in Ireland. “This assembly is just the first stage in what we hope will be a majority campaign to bring the issues effecting young people in Ireland to the fore. At the assembly a charter will be drawn up that will make demands of what change is needed not only from the political class, but also from trade unions, NGOs and other groups if crises confronting young people are to be adequately addressed. “However, primarily the assembly is about beginning a process of young people organising themselves in preparation for building a country which will no longer fail its people.” The event will include a number of participatory workshops on issues of concern to young people followed by a general meeting where plans of action will be discussed. The Assembly is scheduled to conclude at 5.00 p.m.