Over 150 young people protested outside the Dáil on Wednesday, 16th October, demanding the Government does not implement a Budget proposal to cut social welfare payments for under 26 year olds. The protest was organised by the Young Worker’s Network and brought together a number of youth campaign groups and trade unions. Young Workers’ Network spokesman, Dan O’Neill, said: “There was a failure to adequately oppose the cut to social welfare rates for those under 21 in Budget 2010 and 2011. That mistake will not be repeated, as it is clear all workers will be affected by the creation of a generation of young people made desperate for any source of income. “This cut is part of a bigger scheme to force down the living conditions of all.  Forced emigration, unemployment, precarious work, internships, fee hikes, grant cuts, lack of affordable housing, and the mental health crisis – they are part of the one picture for young people in this country. Young people need to come together to organise and build a decent future in our own country.” The Government proposes to reduce jobseekers payments for all new claimants aged between 22 and 24 from €188 to €100 from 1st January 2014. For those aged 25 the reduction will be from €188 to €144.