Ireland’s commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by the Government pledge to achieve a 51% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions between 2021 and 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

Standard Brands, the manufacturer of ZIP, has also made sustainability a priority. The company conducted a carbon footprint analysis to identify areas for improvement and have taken significant steps to be more environmentally responsible. One such initiative is the manufacturing plant based in Castlebellingham, County Louth, shifting to using 100% renewable energy, up from 10% before March 2022.

To continue to support the sustainable journey Standard Brands has recently introduced a new product to their line, ZIPs 100% Natural Heatlogs. These innovative Heatlogs are made from Sugarcane waste, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional wood logs. By using recycled materials, they significantly reduce the risk of deforestation and carbon emissions, making them the optimal choice for the environmentally conscious.

Zip Heatlogs are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat briquettes that not only burn longer and hotter but also produce less ash. They are compressed to create a denser material that outperforms regular wood. Plus, the low moisture content facilitates easy lighting and cleaner burning, making them an ideal replacement for any wood in your fire.

In addition to their immediate benefits, our Heatlogs contribute to long-term advantages for consumers. By reducing central heating usage and minimizing the need for additional product, consumers can save on costs whilst contributing to protecting the environment through energy conservation and waste reduction.

So, what’s next? Standard Brands is committed to a 5-year plan that focuses on securing the future by implementing a range of initiatives. From small-scale measures like reducing paper use to larger projects like installing energy-efficient equipment. The company is determined to make a positive impact. Alongside their proactive environmental approach, they are fully committed to supporting employees, local communities, and the Supporting Quality campaign.