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Abolish unfair USC

The SIPTU National Executive Council (NEC) has called for the abolition of the Universal Social Charge (USC). The charge, which was introduced as an emergency measure by the Fianna Fáil - Green Party government in 2011, is a regressive tax which makes no distinction between low and high income earners. Read More

SIPTU calls for HSE interns to be given permanent posts

SIPTU has demanded that workers employed under the HSE support staff intern scheme be made permanent with immediate effect instead of continuing the creeping privatisation of the health service. Read More

SIPTU NEC response to the Government’s policy on public water supply

The Government’s initiative of 19th November 2014, while offering clarity and certainty on water charges, will not provide a comprehensive long-term solution for the challenges confronting the development of the public water system. Read More

SIPTU Organising For The Future

Workers from all Divisions of SIPTU are organising for the future of their workplaces and Ireland

Fair Hotels

Supporting and promoting quality employment in the hotel industry in Ireland READ MORE

Supporting Quality

The Supporting Quality consumer campaign is aimed at protecting jobs in Ireland and supporting quality Irish products READ MORE

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A song by Mick Blake for the children of Gaza

Mick Blake has put together this song/video to help promote awareness of the plight of the surviving children of Gaza READ MORE