SIPTU members employed by the FAI are demanding an explanation of why they had to endure pay cuts during a period when it is reported the organisation decided to begin paying the rent of its former CEO John Delaney. SIPTU Sport Sector Organiser, Denis Hynes, said: “It has been widely reported that in 2016 the FAI began paying rent of €3,000 per month for a house used by John Delaney. This was during a period when the organisation was claiming to be unable to restore the pay and conditions of employment of our members due to financial constraints. FAI employees were enduring reductions in salary of between 10% and 15% , which were implemented on what was meant to be a temporary basis in 2012.“This issue has particularly incensed our members because when the cuts in their pay were originally imposed, John Delaney stated that he was taking a similar reduction in his earnings. However, it would now seem to be the case that, in 2016, the FAI decided to reimburse the reduction in its CEO’s salary through a payment in kind on a large property. “Our members had to wait until January of this year to receive the final restoration of their pay after long and difficult negotiations between management and SIPTU representatives.” He added: “Our members are calling on the FAI to immediately make a statement on its exact financial arrangements with John Delaney. Further, they demand that the Board explain its decision making processes in deciding to reimburse its adequately paid CEO while at the same time stating that it could not find the monies to restore the earnings of workers who were dedicated to developing football in communities across the country.” SIPTU represents staff employed as development officers, coaches and in the administration of the FAI as well as players through its affiliation with the PFAI.