The National Gallery of Ireland (NGI) and SIPTU have announced the signing of ‘Transition 2020’, a dispute resolution and engagement framework agreement which is at the forefront of modern organisational relations. Following successful discussions and inputs from the management of the Gallery and SIPTU representatives, the agreement has been made in a spirit of respect and co-operation. In the context of progressive Employee Relations, ‘Transition 2020’ aims to address issues and areas of common interest through the application of progressive Human Resource policies which underscore the Gallery’s and its employees’ ambition to become a leading art gallery and an employer of choice within the Public Service. Commenting, Ann Travers, Head of HR at the National Gallery of Ireland said, “We’re delighted to collaborate with SIPTU on Transition 2020. This agreement furthers our shared ambition for the Gallery to become recognised as one of the finest national art galleries in the world, on every measurable level from the quality of our exhibitions, the prestige of the collection, to the excellence of our workforce.” Commenting, Jay Power, SIPTU Organiser, Jay Power said: “Transition 2020 was framed in the context of our shared acceptance of the desire to modernise the internal collective relationship between SIPTU and the National Gallery of Ireland. The SIPTU Section Committee put a huge amount of effort into negotiations with NGI management and is very pleased with the outcome of the discussions. We look forward to continue working with the NGI in the implementation of this significant agreement.”