The SIPTU Dublin District Council and the Justice for Clerys Workers Campaign have called on the developers of the former iconic department store to fully adhere to the existing community benefit agreement for the site. SIPTU Dublin District Council Secretary and the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr, said: “In March 2017, the then owners of the store and representatives of the former workers concluded a detailed agreement which brought to an end the dispute surrounding the unacceptable manner in which Clerys was put out of business. Utilising the office of Lord Mayor of Dublin, I played a central role in brokering an agreement between its owners, the union, local community groups and city councillors concerning the future development of the former department store. “That agreement is applicable to the development of the site and legally would have to have been brought to the attention of the Europa Capital consortium as a burden on the site prior to purchase.” He added: “Integral to the agreement is co-operation between developers, local community groups and unions on the future development of the site in a manner which that ensures the maximum benefit for the North East Inner City of Dublin. The agreement includes clauses concerning the employment of former Clerys workers, local training and employment programmes as well as measures to ensure the safeguarding and development of the cultural and historical importance of the site.” He added: “A Dublin City Council sub-committee was formed to oversee the implementation of this agreement. We look forward to engaging with the developers concerning their plans and co-operation on the full implementation of the Clerys Community Benefits Agreement.” Justice for Clerys Workers spokesman, John Finn, said: “An Bord Pleanála initiated a full public hearing into the proposed development of Clerys due to concerns over its adherence with the Scheme of Special Planning Control for the O’Connell Street area. “The agreement between SIPTU and the developers ensured that the future development of the site would adhere with the aims of this scheme which include that ‘workers are assured fair working conditions’. It also stipulates that the ‘special significance’ of Clerys in terms of its ‘social, cultural, economic and architectural’ aspects are protected.” He added: “Myself and my colleagues expect this agreement to be fully respected by the new owners. We look forward to ensuring that this development is one that works for business, those who are employed in it and the surrounding local communities.”