SIPTU has called on the Government to establish a taskforce to tackle the worsening crisis in the meat industry which now threatens up to 3,000 jobs. SIPTU Organiser, Denis Gormalley, said: “The crisis in the meat industry, which has resulted in protests and disruption at processing the plants across the country, now threatens the jobs of up to 3,000 of our members.  “This is a crisis in one of the most important economic sectors in the State. As such it’s underlying causes must be examined so that a long-lasting solution can be urgently arrived at which ensures the industry has a sustainable future. “In order to facilitate this, we are calling on theMinister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine,Michael Creed,to immediately set up a taskforce involving input from all the parties involved in the industry.Thetaskforce must be set up immediately before irreparable damage is done to the sector and the livelihoods of thousands of workers.” He added: “Our members, whose livelihoods are threatened by this crisis are not on high wages and cannot afford to sustain any loss of earnings. In order to protect their futures and others adversely affected by this crisis, the Government must act now.”