SIPTU representatives have called on National Pen to respect a Labour Court recommendation that it recognise the trade union for collective bargaining purposes for its members working in the company’s production facility and call centre in Dundalk, county Louth. SIPTU Organiser, Denis Sheridan, said: “The Labour Court issued its recommendation in August calling on National Pen to engage with SIPTU representatives in relation to the terms and conditions of employment of our members employed by the company. More than two months have passed since this recommendation was issued and management continues to completely ignore our attempts to begin negotiations on behalf of our members.”He added: “Unacceptable work practices and conditions have been reported to SIPTU representatives by our members in National Pen. It is essential that the company allow its workers proper representation in order to ensure that improvements are made.“SIPTU representatives are ready, at any time, to meet with management and begin to implement normal industrial relations practices at the company in line with the Labour Court recommendation.”National Pen is a US multinational company which manufactures promotional products for businesses and operates its European call centre in Dundalk. It employs over 1,000 people at the facility.