The SIPTU Dublin District Council has said that calls for a charge to be placed on employees’ car parking spaces amount to an attempt to impose a new and unfair tax on workers in the city. SIPTU Dublin District Council Joint Secretary, Brendan Carr, said: “Earlier this week, the business group Dublin Town, called for a levy to be placed on car parking spaces provided for employees. It claimed that this would encourage more workers to avail of public transport and highlighted a similar scheme in the UK.“What such a levy would amount to is a new tax on workers, many of whom are already in receipt of state subsides because of their low wages. It is ironic that the group which is calling for the imposition of such a charge is one that strongly opposed the concept of a Living Wage for all workers in Dublin.”He added: “Dublin Town should focus on how businesses can contribute to ensure that workers in Dublin have an adequate standard of living in the city rather than call for new charges. It would seem to be the situation that when businesses are to be incentivised to change the talk is of tax cuts whereas with workers the focus is on tax increases.”