SIPTU delegates attending the union’s Biennial Delegate Conference in Cork, have today (Wednesday, 9th October) unanimously voted in favour of an emergency motion condemning the Government for deferring a 30 cents per hour increase in the minimum wage. SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, Gerry McCormack, said: “The cruel and unjust freeze on the minimum wage is just another example of government plans to make low paid workers cover the cost of Brexit. The reality is that this is a cut for 130,000 of the lowest paid workers in the country and we will not stand for it.” Proposing the motion, SIPTU Manufacturing Division Organiser Teresa Hannick, said: “How the Government can describe this as a “Brexit Budget” is beyond belief. Eroding the living standards of the people who will be most affected by a no-deal Brexit is not right and it certainly is not fair. The Low Pay Commission is there for a reason. It recommended an increase to €10.10 an hour from €9.80 but The social protection minister, Regina Doherty, and the Government have failed these workers miserably.”