SIPTU members at the Irish Pride Fine Foods plant in Taghmon, County Wexford, have had their claim for trade union recognition endorsed in a Labour Court recommendation. SIPTU Organiser, Terry Bryan, said: “Union representatives referred the claim for secure recognition and collective bargaining rights to the Labour Court, on behalf of our more than 100 members in the plant, in April. The Court has recommended that the company, represented by IBEC, should recognise the union ‘as the chosen representative of those employees who join the Union for all industrial relations purposes’. “The Recommendation further calls on the parties to enter negotiations with a view to concluding a collective agreement ‘dealing with, amongst other things, the procedural arrangements within which the normal industrial relations business will be conducted between them’.” He added: “This is an important victory for our members in securing the right to be represented by their union when collectively bargaining with their employer. We now look forward to engaging with management in a constructive manner which will benefit our members and the operation of the company.”