SIPTU’s National Executive Council (NEC) is calling on union members to vote ‘Yes’ in the divorce referendum on Friday, 24thMay. In a statement today (22ndMay) the NEC said: “On Friday, 24thMay, the electorate will be asked to vote on two questions relating to divorce and how it is dealt with in the Irish Constitution.  We are calling on members to vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum on the basis that such an outcome would be compassionate and fair to all those who experience marital breakdown and wish to secure a divorce in this country. The referendum attempts to address some of the restrictions on divorce in the Constitution that require a couple or family to wait at least four years in order to get a divorce. This is to be welcomed as divorce can be an unnecessarily drawn out and costly process.  The current waiting period of living apart for at least four out of the previous five years can impose unnecessary emotional distress and financial hardship on families who have experienced martial breakdown.   The referendum also addresses the recognition of foreign divorces in Ireland which is also to be welcomed as it would mean that a person who got divorced abroad would have their current living situation better recognised in Ireland. SIPTU is calling on members to show solidarity and compassion and vote ‘Yes’ on 24thMay to the proposed changes on divorce in the Irish Constitution.