Members of the SIPTU Nursing and Midwives Sector Committee have today (Monday, 8th April) determined that a ballot on a proposed new nursing contract would be premature. SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “Following a meeting of the National Nursing and Midwifery Sector Committee today in Liberty Hall, a decision has been reached not to ballot members on Labour Court Recommendation (LCR21942) on the basis that the Government has failed to confirm crucial details on a revised contract of employment for the proposed enhanced nursing and midwifery role. SIPTU representatives will not initiate a ballot or make a recommendation to our nursing and midwifery members until we are in a position to present all the facts to our members. We also will not conduct a ballot until all negotiations are concluded on behalf of our nursing members working across mental health services.” He added: “SIPTU representatives have previously warned that a one size fits all model will not work and that proposals aimed at resolving the nursing and midwifery dispute in the acute settings will not be accepted as a resolution to claims presented by nurses in the mental health sector.” SIPTU Nursing Sector Organiser, Kevin Figgis, said: “Our members in nursing and midwifery are of the view that until they can make an informed decision then balloting would be premature. Our members have not seen a new contract and are still in the dark as it whether the employer itself accepts the terms of the contract. We have communicated these concerns to the Department of Health and have requested immediate engagement. The message is clear coming from our Sector Committee. Our members are demanding clarity on the proposed new contract of employment and all issues pertaining to our members’ right to benefit from the existing terms negotiated under the Public Service Stability Agreement.”