SIPTU members in the construction industry have welcomed a pay increase and other improvements granted under a new Sector Employment Order (SEO) which was introduced by the Government in a ministerial order today. According to SIPTU Transport, Energy, Aviation and Construction Division Organiser, Greg Ennis, the new SEO grants improvements in pay of 5.4% over two to the union's 14,000 construction operative members as well as confirming the 39 hour working week and overtime terms. "While we welcome the SEO and its confirmation of pay increases and working time provisions, it is somewhat disappointing that the new entrant rate will now run for two as opposed to one year and that there was no progress made on the travel time issue. However, there are positive and significant changes to pension and sick pay which are now included in this latest review of the SEO.  As part of the ICTU Construction Industry Committee we will review the detail of today’s announcements later this week and will consult with the Congress Construction Sector Committee before making any further comment on the SEO." The Ministerial Order for the SEO becomes effective on 1stOctober, 2019.