SIPTU members employed by BCD Travel, which manages corporate travel arrangements for the Kerry Group, will ballot on strike action tomorrow (Wednesday, 6th March). The seven workers based in the Kerry Group head office in Tralee, Co. Kerry, have been informed by BCD Travel that they are to lose their jobs as part of a company restructuring plan.SIPTU Sector Organiser, Karan O’Loughlin, said: “BCD Travel has taken a very hard line with these employees. The workers have been trying to negotiate terms with the company, which includes the retention of two positions. However, the company has refused to fully engage or even attend a meeting at the Labour Relations Commission.“The company is only prepared to pay the minimum statutory obligation to these employees despite being a very large global corporation.  Internationally, BCD Holdings employs approximately 13,000 people and operates in more than 90 countries with total sales, including franchising, of $20.3 billion.” Karan O Loughlin added: “It would seem these two major business giants, Kerry Group, the customer, and BCD Travel, the contractor, are quite prepared to use their collective muscle to squeeze out the little people who do the day to day graft. Kerry Group has a good reputation in terms of corporate behaviour and we are now calling on it to engage with this contractor to ensure that the employees targeted for redundancy are treated with fairness and dignity.”