Sinn Féin has pledged to introduce a mandatory living wage, of €11.45, if it is in Government after the next election. Launching the policy document, For Decent Work and a Living Wage, on Wednesday, 22nd April, Sinn Féin’s Workers Rights spokesperson, David Cullinane, said his party would deliver an incremental move to a living wage over the course of three years.He said: “There is an epidemic of low paid and precarious employment right across the economy. Sinn Féin believes the government has a responsibility to regulate the labour market to ensure that work pays. We want decent work for decent pay.”The document was launched by SIPTU Sector Organiser, Louise O’Reilly, in the Royal College of Physicians today (Wednesday 22nd April).About 345,000 people in the labour force earn an hourly wage of less than €11.45.