SIPTU has condemned the actions of Transdev, the operator of the Luas light rail network, which this evening (Tuesday, 12th April) issued a letter to staff and their union in which it has placed workers on protective notice with immediate effect and threatened to implement lay-offs. SIPTU Transport, Energy, Aviation and Construction Division organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “In its letter the company has placed workers on protective notice and said that the employment of staff will be on a daily basis until further notice. The company has also put drivers and supervisors on notice that they intend to deduct monies from their wages. Transdev has escalated the dispute by breaking off all talks and threatening our members’ livelihoods. This move makes a negotiated settlement to this dispute even more remote.                                                                                                                                            “SIPTU members are engaged in a lawful trade dispute and are fully compliant with both their collective agreements with the company and the Industrial Relations Act 1990. If this was not the case the company would have sought a court injunction before now. It has not done this as it has no grounds to do so.” He added: “In the letter the company proposes that members should consider an offer to resolve the dispute that is inferior to a proposal from the Workplace Relations Commission that was rejected by 99% of staff. Unfortunately, it is quite clear the company is in no mood to resolve the dispute. SIPTU will support its members against their employer’s actions and is now considering a ballot for an all-out strike. “At a meeting yesterday with SIPTU representatives the company closed down talks and refused the possibility of any third party intervention. Regrettably, Transdev has chosen to act in an aggressive manner. It should be remembered that it has pursued this course of action while operating a multi-million euro publicly funded State contract. “SIPTU members are now calling on the other stakeholders in this dispute to clearly condemn the company’s actions and call upon it to make itself available for dialogue. Only through dialogue can we reach a settlement to this dispute that all parties can accept.”