SIPTU representatives have today (Monday, 2nd April) demanded that the Government reverses pay cuts imposed on public servants who remain in their jobs after the age of 65. The call comes after Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Pascal Donohoe, confirmed that public servants who opt to stay in employment beyond the age of 65 face an automatic reduction in pay until legislative change is introduced. SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell said: “We are in the intolerable situation of having swathes of health workers, many of whom have given their whole working lives to the public service, facing the indignity of being ‘rehired’ for their own jobs on substantially less pay. “It is a mean spirited and ill-thought out approach. The fact that nurses and midwives are exempt from this treatment indicates the stark inequality of the current system. Our members believe the approach taken with nurses and midwives can and should be used for all health workers.  “The decision by the Government to slash the pay of loyal public sector workers impacts disproportionately on women. A large number of women workers in the public service do not have an entitlement to full pension benefit as they may have joined the service later in life or had no option but to take temporarily leave for several years due to care commitments. Due to this situation many women workers have not option but toe remain in work.” He added: “SIPTU Health Division representatives have made a claim to end the current unjust approach to public servants who decide to work beyond 65 years of age. We are due to meet with Health Service Executive representatives on Thursday (5th April) for talks on this issue."If no substantial progress is made in these face to face talks, SIPTU representatives will refer the issue to the Labour Court within the next ten days.”