SIPTU members in the public service have voted by a resounding majority to accept the pay proposals in the review of the ‘Public Service Agreement: Building Momentum’. Following a count of ballots today (Thursday, 6th October), 90% of votes were in favour of the proposals. The proposals extend the agreement until the end of 2023 and provide for an additional minimum 6.5% to the existing terms of ‘Building Momentum’. Consistent with previous agreements, these pay proposals are significantly weighted to benefit lower and middle income earners across the public service. Announcing the result, SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, John King, said: “This agreement represents a significant improvement in pay for public service workers. It will help to offset the cost of living and inflation crisis and will also provide long lasting improvements to the terms and conditions of SIPTU members in the public service.   “SIPTU representatives will now take this mandate to the next meeting of the ICTU Public Service Committee which is scheduled for Friday 7th October, where the results of ballots by all unions across the public service will be aggregated to determine the final outcome.”