SIPTU will vigorously oppose the sale by the Government of its 25% shareholding in Aer Lingus if the company fails to provide commitments that it will not impose compulsory redundancies or the outsourcing of jobs. SIPTU Construction and Utilities Division Organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “Union representatives attended a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohue, this morning (Tuesday, 26th May). At this meeting the Minister confirmed that the Cabinet would today discuss  the report by the Interdepartmental Review Group into the possible sale of the Government stake in Aer Lingus.“At the meeting the concerns of SIPTU members in relation to the sale were once again presented to the Minister. We have been clear from the start of this process that unless clear guarantees can be secured around a number of issues including job security, the protection of conditions of employment as well as connectivity and the maintenance of the Heathrow slots, the sale of the Government shares should not be considered.”He added: “SIPTU members are concerned that, as the proposals currently stand, the management of Aer Lingus has failed to give clear commitments that it will not impose the outsourcing of jobs or compulsory redundancies. One would have to question the credibility of the positive outlook concerning the future of the company if the sale goes ahead, which is being presented by Aer Lingus and the proposed buyer IAG, if they cannot give such commitments.“If these proposals did provide security of employment and sustain Aer Lingus to the extent that its executives have stated they will, then there should be no problem providing the guarantees needed by the workers who have made the airline the success it is. Without these commitments, SIPTU members will vigorously oppose the sale of the Government stake in the company.”