SIPTU has urged members in the Nurses and Midwifery Sector to ignore a renewal letter sent by the NMBI, to continue their campaign of non payment of the unfair increase in NMBI registration and to make sure that they attend the protest of the NMBI offices on the 18th of November. Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis reminded members that the protest on the 18th of November outside the NMBI is of great importance if members are to send the message loud and clear that the Nurses and Midwifery sector have had enough and that they are not prepared to pay an unjustified increase.“All our members are advised to make no payment to NMBI, at this time, and await further advice from SIPTU and even at this late stage, we would ask all members, who have not already done so, to immediately cancel their direct debit to NMBI so that no payment in excess of €100 is made. We need to send a message to the NMBI loud and clear. We have taken all the cuts and increases we can take. Enough is enough.”SummaryThe two immediate next steps, involving all members, can be summarised as follows: When you receive your renewal notice you are asked to make no payment, at this time. Furthermore members are asked to wait further advice, from your unions, as to when a payment of €100 (the existing fee) should be made maintaining a record of such payment. Members should arrange to attend the public protest at 12.00 noon, outside NMBI HQ, on Tuesday, 18th November 2014. Click here‌ for full update.