Trade union leaders united today (Tuesday, 1st October) to call on all trade unionists to participate in the Dublin Council of Trade Unions Pre-Budget Demonstration on Saturday, 12th October. The demonstration, whose slogan of “Solidarity: an injury to one is the concern of all”, is starting at 1.00 p.m. at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Speaking at a press conference in Dublin, SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor, said: “What is needed is a budget which is structured on the basis that it does the maximum possible to promote domestic demand.” He urged “every union member and citizen to turn out and participate in the demonstration” which was a “democratic engagement designed to persuade the Government that they are on the wrong route.” CPSU General Secretary, Eoin Ronayne, said: "Budget 2014 is an opportunity for Government to put ordinary citizens first, rather than those at the very top. Any revenue-generating measures must target those on earnings over €100,000 through a real wealth tax and a new higher tax rate".  Ronayne also called for a lifting of the moratorium on recruitment at lower levels in the Civil Service, noting that the current shortfalls were being covered up by temporary contracts and outsourcing to less revenue-generating jobs in the private sector. Unite Regional Secretary, Jimmy Kelly, said: “We need to come out on 12th October to send a loud and clear message to the Government ahead of Budget Day:  our society cannot withstand any further cuts – and neither can our economy.  The evidence is in:  every cut puts recovery that much further out of reach.  And every cut is felt by households, businesses and communities.  The time has come to change direction, stop cutting and start investing”. Dublin Council of Trade Unions President, Mick O’Reilly, said: “It is important for trade unionists to take to the streets in advance of Budget Day and send a loud message:  austerity has failed and will continue to fail.  It has failed both our economy and our society.  We need to demonstrate solidarity with those who have been hardest hit by successive austerity budgets, and we need to mobilise support for a new direction.  The Dublin Council of Trade Unions argues that there are four principles – ending austerity, increasing investment, introducing growth-friendly tax measures and raising income and wage floors – which can help reinvigorate the economy, increase employment and raise living standards”.