Am I Entitled To Sick Pay?


Yes. Every worker in Ireland should get sick pay when we have to take time off from work if and when we are sick.

Following a successful Union-led campaign, we all now have that right. Working people have a right to FIVE days’ sick pay a year from 1st January 2024. This is an increase from THREE days in 2023.

We call this statutory sick pay or the legal minimum working people are entitled to.
Sick pay is paid by your employer at 70% of your normal pay up to a maximum of €110 a day.
You must be working for least 13 weeks with your current employer before you qualify for statutory sick pay.

In most unionised workplaces, more generous sick pay schemes are in place, but don’t forget EVERY EMPLOYER MUST give you at LEAST than the MINIMUM amount.That’s the law.

If they don’t…make sure to call your Trade Union!

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