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SIPTU meets HSE on nurses pay

SIPTU nursing representatives met with the HSE today on the measures required to advance the pay and conditions of employment of our nursing and midwifery members, having regard to the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA).

ICTU pays tribute to Sylvia Meehan

The ICTU General Secretary, Patricia King, has paid tribute to the former CEO of the Employment Equality Authority (EEA) and veteran trade unionist, Sylvia Meehan, who has died following a long illness.

ESRI/Pobal Childcare Study Echoes ICTU’s Findings and Highlights Need to Increase Investment in Early Years in Budget 2019

Today’s ESRI/Pobal Childcare study on childcare costs in Ireland echoes the findings of this summer’s ICTU childcare survey as well as ICTU’s 2016 report, ‘Who Cares – Report on Childcare Costs and Practices’, and highlights the need to increase investment in early years’ services in Budget 2019, Congress General Secretary Patricia King has said.

Raise the Roof Rally for Housing – Public Launch, Thursday September 6th

Trade unions, political parties, students’ unions, housing agencies & community and campaign groups have joined forces to urge action on the housing crisis. The ‘Raise the Roof’ initiative brings together a wide range of key civil society bodies to demand radical new action on the housing crisis, including support for a rally at Leinster House on Wednesday October 3, in advance of the budget.

Congress Agrees with Department of Finance’s Review of 9% Tax Subsidy to Hotels and Restaurants

Following on from the publication of the Department of Finance’s ‘Review of the 9% Vat Rate’ today, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions calls upon the Minister of Finance to heed the conclusions reached by the Review and to act accordingly in reversing the 2011 tax cut for hotels and restaurants and to apply the fairer rate of 13.5% on these highly profitable businesses.

Coca-Cola is becoming a serial human rights offender – in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the United States

Human rights abuses are accumulating at The Coca-Cola Company. That makes Coke a serial offender when it comes to failing to respect the human rights of workers and acting to remedy abuses. The right of all workers to form, join and be represented by a union for collective bargaining is an internationally recognized fundamental human right.

SIPTU supports the repeal of the eighth amendment.

The unions’ decision to become involved in the campaign for repeal was arrived at through an informed and respectful debate at our Biennial Delegate Conference. Delegates debated the issues involved and voted overwhelmingly in favour of a referendum to repeal the eighth. On foot of this vote, SIPTU’s National Executive Council has been directing a campaign to give expression to the conference decision.

Congress says voice of workers 'must be heard and heeded' on Brexit

Responding to the progress of Brexit negotiations, ICTU General Secretary, Patricia King said: “The Irish Congress of Trade Unions notes the publication of the joint report from the negotiators of the EU and the UK on progress during Phase 1 of the negotiations for Brexit. This comprehensive report requires detailed analysis and consideration. Given there is now agreement to proceed to Phase 2, we acknowledge the clear commitments from all – in particular the UK – to avoiding any possible hard border on the island of Ireland.

The umbrella group Amplify Women has published a free practical toolkit on how to deal with harassment and bullying in the workplace

In response to the revelations of harassment in Irish theatre, the #MeToo and #IrishWeinstein hashtags, Amplify Women, an umbrella group that represents, works with or carries out research about women working in the cultural and media industries,has produced a toolkit for dealing with harassment and bullying in the workplace. The guide details what to do if experiencing harassment. It provides advice on making a complaint at work, or a criminal complaint, and includes useful information on who to contact and links to further information.

Housing crisis demands urgent action

Over 1,500 trade unionists and social activists took part in the march, which concluded with a rally outside Liberty Hall.

Organised jointly by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions (DCTU) and the National Homeless and Housing Coalition, the May Day march was the largest in the city for several years. It is was clear from the diversity of those involved in the march that the demand for an effective public home building scheme is one that unites and motivates a wide range of progressive trade unions and political groups.

Bus Éireann trade union group call for the Minister to provide leadership

In a joint statement the Bus Éireann trade union group, which includes SIPTU, the NBRU, Unite, TSSA and TEEU, said: “Staff at the state-owned Bus Éireann provide up to 40,000 economically and socially vital weekly services across the country. They deserve more from the shareholder than to have the company that they and many generations of bus workers help build, unravel before their eyes in a policy induced meltdown.

Workers Rights Centre open to all workers

A new Workers Rights Welcome Centre, which is open to members of the public who wish to ‘drop in’ for information and advice on workplace issues, has opened in Liberty Hall, Dublin.

Staffed by experienced Workers Rights Centre (WRC) Advocates and Information Assistants the new facility, located in the lobby of Liberty Hall Theatre, is the first of a series of welcome centres planned for SIPTU offices throughout the country.

Palestinian refugees commemorate 68 years of displacement as their situation worsens

Palestinians and their supporters in Ireland will commemorate the 68th anniversary of Nakba (‘Catastrophe’) Day on 15th May with a speaking tour by two human rights defenders from BADIL, a Palestinian refugee rights organisation, based in Bethlehem and Geneva. Nakba Day marks the brutal displacement and exiling of over 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland to facilitate the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

James Fearon

James Fearon was often known as ‘the third James’ in recognition of his role, with Jim Larkin and James Connolly as one of the key founding members of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. He was born in Newry the son of a mill worker and, like countless thousands of his generation had to emigrate. He first met Jim Larkin in Glasgow when the latter was trying to organise dockers unloading iron ore, manganese and other minerals. These men survived in a semi-starved exhausted state where alcohol was one of the few releases from their appalling lives and were dubbed the ‘meths drinkers’ on the docks.

Polska Eire Festival 2016

Polish Vice-Ambassador to Ireland Mr Piotr Rakowski, together with Deputy Mayor of Limerick Cllr Gerard Mitchel officially launched PolskaEire Festival in Limerick making it a part of a Limerick 2020 bid. The committee discussed various ways Polish community could contribute to the bid and exciting plans were put in place.

Speech by President Michael D. Higgins at a Symposium entitled “Remembering 1916” in the Mansion House, Dublin on Monday, 28th March, 2016

A Cháirde Gael, Is mór an phléisiúr dom tús a chur leis an gcomhrá seo tráthnóna ar an eachtra ríthábhachtach a bhí in Éirí Amach na Cásca 1916. Tugann sé sásamh faoi leith dom go bhfuil an ardán á roinnt agam inniu le scoláirí den scoth – gach duine acu, trína saothair agus taighde, a chur go mór lenár dtuiscint maidir leis an tréimhse sin inar saolú ár Stáit.

TUS Network Manager Position

TUS is seeking to recruit a Network Manager to assist us on delivering our training programme for 2016. The Network Manager will report to the TUS Steering Committee, made up of training representatives of participating trade unions, and will be supported in their work by an administrative assistant and the Finance Office of Congress.

Undocumented in Dublin and New York: Irish man and Filipina woman speak out for the first time in new film

Patrick is from Cork, Ireland. Marites is from Batangas in the Philippines. He lives in New York and works in construction; she lives in Dublin and works as a childminder. On the surface, their lives are very different, but they have a shared story: both Patrick and Marites are undocumented. In new 5-minute documentary Half the World Away: Undocumented in Dublin and New York, Patrick and Marites open up about the lives they have built over the past decade, the fear they experience daily, and the pain of being away from their families.

'Make Youth a Priority' in Budget 2016

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions Youth Committee has called on the Government to “make youth a priority” in the forthcoming budget and introduce measures to tackle both high youth jobless levels and precarious work for those in employment.

ITF statement on Ankara bombing

Commenting on the bomb attacks on a peaceful pro-democracy and justice demonstration in Ankara, Turkey, on Saturday (10th October), International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) general secretary Steve Cotton stated: “A nation’s heart is breaking today. These attacks targeted what is best about Turkey, and some of its most idealistic and motivated people. We in the international union movement share that grief.

Congress Charter campaign 'can win' the Living Wage

Congress General Secretary, Patricia King, said on Wednesday (30th September) that companies who pay the living wage in the UK must ensure their Irish subsidiaries and branches do likewise and go further by pledging support for the Congress Charter for Fair Conditions at Work.

Trade Union Studies course starting in Waterford on Monday

A Certificate in Business Studies (Trade Union Studies) course will begin in the SIPTU Office, Waterford on Monday, 21st September.

The Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 6 course consists of a series of modules, each consisting of 10 lecture and discussion sessions on Monday nights from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Launch of Workers Rights Centre

Earlier this month SIPTU officially launched the Workers Rights Centre, Ireland’s first specialist employment rights ‘one stop shop’ which will provide empathetic and professional advice and representation for individual SIPTU members.

Save our bus services

Bus drivers across the country will engage in four days of strike action during May to defend the public transport service and decent jobs from the threat of privatisation.